Empty homes

Bringing empty homes back into use

Everyone can benefit from an empty home being brought back into use. Homes that are lived in help to support safer communities and the local economy.

Owners of empty homes could face higher insurance costs, higher Council Tax, and higher security costs. Bringing your empty home back into use could help you reduce these costs, as well as giving someone a much needed home.

You can report an empty home using this form, or by emailing the address below.

Report an empty home

For more information on how to bring your empty home back into use,
Download the empty homes information booklet (PDF, 2.2MB)

Vist Scottish Empty Homes Partnership for information on empty homes in Scotland.

If you are the owner of an empty home and would like advice on your options, or if you would like to report an empty home in your area, please contact Private Rented Services on the details below.