Reporting suspected terrorism

Terrorism remains a major threat. Anyone with information about terrorist activity should contact the free, confidential Anti-Terrorism Hotline:

0800 789 321

You can find advice and see warnings from the UK Government on the GOV.UK website. You can get advice for people in Scotland on the Ready Scotland website.

Stay safe in public

Attacks can occur in open and public places. You can help by being vigilant. Look out for suspicious behaviour, packages or vehicles.

If you suspect something, you should tell the police straight away:

999 for immediate threats

0800 789 321 for all other reports

Stay safe at work

You should find out about plans at your workplace for suspect devices and armed intruders.

We work with Police Scotland to provide free courses for businesses and communities. You can contact our Corporate Resilience Unit to find out about having a course in your area:

0131 200 2000