Release of gas, toxic chemical or radiation

Go in, stay in, tune in

If there is an incident, go indoors unless you are asked to leave by the emergency services. With some toxic fumes things will look normal and you will not see, smell or feel anything different. You should:

  • close all doors, windows and vents
  • put out all naked flames such as pilot lights
  • switch off gas supplies
  • put away or cover all fresh food
  • have emergency provisions ready
  • use the phone only if you really need to - keep the line free for emergency use

Stay indoors until you know more about what is going on and what you need to do to protect yourself.

Tune in to a local radio or TV station.

If you think you may have become contaminated, please contact the emergency services for help using:


BP Dalmeny

We have an emergency plan for the BP Dalmeny site. Sirens will warn people who live or work in the area of any risk from an incident on the site.

Remember, if you hear the sirens: go in, stay in, tune in.

Please note, people who live or work near Dalmeny will be contacted by BP before the sirens are tested.

Macfarlan Smith & North British Distillery Company Ltd

We have no responsibility in holding an emergency plan for either of these sites. Any incident at the sites will be dealt with using the generic Council Emergency Plan and other supporting plans.

Please note, people who live or work near these two sites will have information made available to them about the site's specific emergency procedures via the operators.

EDF Torness

Torness, EDF Energy's nuclear power station, is 30 miles east of Edinburgh near Dunbar in East Lothian. East Lothian Council is the local authority responsible for the site. We and other organisations contribute to the joint emergency plan, and can provide further information if required.