European Parliament Election results

European Parliament Election 2014 results

Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) are elected by proportional representation (PR). Instead of electing one person to one seat in each constituency, the UK is divided up into regions, and several MEPs are elected from each region.

Scotland is treated as one region and returns six MEPs out of 73 for the UK. The PR system uses closed regional lists, where political parties put forward candidates within each region, known as the regional list. Individual candidates may also stand. Voters cast their vote either for a party or an individual candidate.

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Successful candidate Party Votes on allocation of seat
Ian Hudghton Scottish National Party (SNP) 389,503
David Martin Labour Party 348,219
Ian Duncan Conservative Party 231,330
Alyn Smith Scottish National Party (SNP) 194,752
Catherine Stihler Labour Party 174,110
David Adam Coburn UK Independence Party (UKIP) 140,534

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