Protect your children from domestic abuse

Your partner or ex-partner may threaten that your child will be taken away from you if you leave or tell anyone about the abuse. Social workers will not take your child away for this reason. If social workers get involved with your family, they will offer you and your children support and practical advice.

You may be concerned about a child at risk of harm, even if you are not the child's parent. 

Edinburgh Women's Aid, Men's Advice Line, the Scottish Women's Rights Centre or a solicitor can advise you if you fear your partner will abduct your child. They can help you to apply for an order to limit contact between the child and your abusive partner. This is called at interdict. It can be used to ban an abusive partner from doing a number of things.

You also can talk to your child’s head teacher or health visitor if you think that your child needs support.

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