Unoccupied property

Council Tax discount on empty properties

If your property is empty, we may grant a discount for a limited period, depending on its status, and if it is actively marketed. A previous owner or occupier's use of the property may affect how much discount you get and for how long. A discount may be applied with time limits. There are a few reasons, listed below, where we may offer a full discount without time limit, but these are uncommon.

Reasons for a full exemption

Except where noted, there is no time limit on this discount.

If the property

  • has been repossessed
  • cannot legally be occupied, such as if there is a demolition order
  • forms part of another property which is lived in and is difficult to let separately
  • is being kept empty for occupation by a minister of religion, and is owned by or held empty on behalf of a religious body.

If the liable person is

  • declared bankrupt
  • in prison or detention
  • receiving care in a hospital or care home
  • residing somewhere else providing care to another person
  • receiving care elsewhere, but not in a hospital or care home.

We may also grant the full discount if the owner occupier of the property has died and a grant of confirmation has not been made in respect of their estate. This decision would be reviewed after 6 months.

Apply for an unoccupied property discount