Single occupancy discount

You may be able to get a 25% discount on your Council Tax bill if you are the only adult living on a property. An adult is a person aged 18 or over.

To qualify for a discount you must already have registered with us to let us know that you live in Edinburgh.

Apply for a single occupancy discount

How to cancel your single occupancy discount

If you need to cancel a single occupancy discount you must email

You must include the following in your email

  • Council Tax account number.  You can find this 11-digit number on your bill. It starts with 9 and the last 2 digits should match the financial year for example '22' for 2022/ 2023. 
  • property address
  • account holder hame
  • date new person moved in
  • name of a new household member
  • if they previously lived in Edinburgh (and were listed as a liable party) please provide that address 
  • if the new household member is a 
    • joint tenant
    • partner or spouse
  • if you need to cancel as your child has turned 18 please provide their name and date of birth.

Not registered with Council

Tell us that you have moved into or within Edinburgh, to register and apply for the discount at the same time. 

Tell us you are moving into or within Edinburgh

This discount reduces your Council Tax, water and sewerage charges.