Apply for disabled person Council Tax discount

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Complete this form if you, or an adult or a child living with you, is permanently disabled. The Council Tax team may arrange a home visit.

The extra room or space for wheelchair use must be required to meet the needs of the disabled person and of major importance to their well being. This means that without the room or space, the disabled person would find either

  • their health would suffer
  • the disability would be likely to become more severe
  • it is physically impossible or extremely difficult to live in the dwelling.

The reduction applies to Council Tax, water and sewerage charges. It is made by charging Council Tax at the valuation band below the one your home is in. So, if your home is in band D, the band C rate will apply to your Council Tax bill. You will get a part reduction even if your home is in band A.

We aim to process your enquiry within 21 days.

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