Workplace Travel Planning

The Workplace Travel Planning Programme (WPTP) offers free travel planning support to workplaces within the City of Edinburgh Council boundary. 

Our aim is to encourage active and sustainable travel for commuting and business purposes.

Reasons to get your workplace involved

Encouraging sustainable travel can help your organisation meet

  • business efficiency
  • staff retention and well-being
  • attracting the best new talent
  • environmental performance
  • becoming a better corporate neighbour.

COVID-19 support

Working from home is set to be the new norm for us over the next few weeks.

The WPTP programme is offering well-being strategies for physical and mental health and advice and best practice on how to work from home.

Future support

Our programme will support your organisation by addressing any challenges your workplace may face with travel planning.

You will receive one-to-one support from a member of the WPTP to compliment our soon to be completed toolkit.

The WPTP toolkit

The toolkit will help you promote more sustainable modes of travel.

All support provided is free and none of the below suggestions are mandatory.

The support can cover


Information about our past events and initiatives can be found within our newsletters:


If you want to get involved with the WPTP, or have any questions – please email Edinburgh work places or phone

0141 343 3313.

Together, we hope we can work together to make Edinburgh a happier, greener place to be!