Walking and Cycling Statistics

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We have collected information from 58 walking and cycling counters located across the city. This information will help  to monitor levels of walking and cycling, analyse trends and plan for future projects.

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Edinburgh walking and cycling index

The  Walking and Cycling Index Edinburgh, formerly known as Bike Life, is the biggest assessment of walking, wheeling and cycling in cities across the UK and Ireland, carried out by Sustrans. Results from Edinburgh show 66% of residents walk at least five days a week - more than any other mode of transport and above the national average of 50%. Twenty-six per cent of residents cycle at least once a week.

Walking and Cycling Index Edinburgh – key statistics

  • Health: Every year walking and cycling prevents 1,252 serious long-term health conditions. The physical activity benefits of walking and cycling prevent 316 and 28 early deaths respectively, valued at £1 billion (walking) and £92.4 million (cycling).
  • Environment: If 80% of the 70.7 million car journeys of up to three miles were walked and cycled it would save approximately 23,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Trips: Every day, 130,000 return walking trips and 16,000 return cycling trips are made by people that could have used a car. If these cars were all in a traffic jam it would tail back 435 miles – equivalent to the distance between Edinburgh and Southampton.
  • Quieter streets: Only 31% of residents think their streets aren’t dominated by vehicles. Sixty-one per cent support low traffic neighbourhoods and 59% said fewer motor vehicles on streets would be better for both walking and cycling.
  • Inequalities: Eighty-one per cent of non-disabled residents think the level of walking safety is good in their local area compared to 69% of disabled residents. Thirty-five per cent of men cycle at least once a week while only 17% of women do.
  • Funding: Half of residents (52%) want to see more government spending on both walking and cycling, and 57% would like more investment in public transport.