Bicycle security and storage

Spokes have put together bike storage advice for storing bikes in tenements.  

We are rolling out a number of secure storage units for residents, following the trial of installing units in a small number of streets.

View a map of existing street hangar locations.

Apply for a street hangar

If you would like to apply for an existing street hangar please visit Cyclehoop Rentals.

If you would like to be considered for future roll-outs please email Bethany at

Please note your details will be stored and shared with Cyclehoop who will be administering future applications.

We have received a large number of requests, and we are currently reviewing these with a view to roll out extra storage units in stages. 

Theft prevention for your bike

To help you keep your bike safe

  • avoid parking in isolated or dimly lit places
  • always lock your bike frame to an immovable object
  • lock removable parts, such as wheels, and take smaller parts and accessories with you
  • make the lock and bike hard to move when parked
  • face the lock towards the ground to make it harder to pick
  • be prepared to spend at least 10% of your bike's value on a quality lock to keep it safe. Ask your local bike shop for advice on buying a lock.

Police Scotland offer free bike register security marking for bikes which can help identify your bike if it is recovered after being stolen. 

If your bike is stolen call Police Scotland on 101.