Supporting women to grow

We provide a wide range of support services if you are

  • over the age of 17
  • at any point in the justice system
  • living in Edinburgh or Midlothian 
  • or returning from prison to these areas.

Based in Edinburgh, the Willow Centre can help you to get the right services, when you need them. We can help you find a wide range of services. Contact us to find out more or arrange to meet us.

A wide range of services

We will work with you to find out what you need. We will then help you to get the right support using a wide range of services. This can include group work and 1 - 1 meetings such as

  • relationships, offending and planning for a safe future
  • mental health support, psychological therapies and trauma interventions
  • physical health programme, including support with substance use
  • mentoring support, welfare rights and benefits advice
  • sexual health and sex worker support services
  • social opportunities, recovery support and links to community activities
  • education, training and employability.

Who can be referred

You can be referred to the service no matter what your current involvement in the criminal justice system. Professionals including health professionals, solicitors, Sheriffs, and social workers can refer you. You can also refer yourself.

What commitment is required

Your personal plan will affect how much you are involved in Willow services. You must have key work support at least weekly. Most women attend at least twice weekly from 10am to 4pm, as well as key work support.

Child care arrangements can be made so that you can take part in these services, and bus tickets, breakfast and lunch are provided.


Telephone: 0131 536 3501

Criminal justice services

Address: Grindlay Street Court,