Speaking at a committee meeting

Make a deputation

A deputation is a group of persons acting on behalf of a group or organisation to make representations to the Council or one of its Committees. Every application for a deputation must be from an office bearer of an organisation or group.

The deputation request must be submitted by email or in writing, setting out the subject of the deputation and must be delivered to the Clerk no later than 2pm, two working days before the meeting concerned. It must relate to an item of business on the agenda for that meeting and be on an issue included in the committee's powers or duties.

The representative will be contacted by a member of Committee Services advising what committee their request will be submitted to and the date, time and venue of that meeting.


Council meetings and committees are currently being held in hybrid format. Verbal deputations were reinstated by Council on 11 March 2021, as part of the review of the Interim Standing Orders. Members of the deputation will be provided with a link to the virtual meeting, which will be held via Microsoft Teams.

Many committees are now webcast and any information presented to such a committee, in a deputation or otherwise, in addition to forming part of a webcast will be also be held as a historical record for up to 5 years.

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