Council Tax bands

Council Tax bands charges 2024/ 2025

How much you pay depends on which band your house is in.

Find your band on the Scottish Assessors' website

The Lothian Valuation Joint Board decides which band each home is in. If you disagree, you can appeal the decision

Council Tax charge freeze 2024/ 25

Councillors have agreed to not to increase charges across all Council Tax bands in 2024/ 25. Your monthly instalments will be higher as the Scottish Water service charges, included in your Council Tax bill, have increased by 8.78%.

Band Council Tax Water Sewerage Total
A £965.13 £168.60  £195.66 £1,329.39 
B £1,125.98 £196.70 £228.27 £1,550.95
C £1,286.84 £224.80 £260.88 £1,772.52
D £1,447.69 £252.90 £293.49 £1,994.08
E £1,902.10 £309.10 £358.71 £2,569.91
F £2,352.50 £365.30 £423.93 £3,141.73
G £2,835.06 £421.50 £489.15 £3,745.71
H £3,546.84 £505.80 £586.98 £4,639.62

Download Council Tax charges 2024 (PDF)

Download Council Tax funding by service area 2024 (PDF)

Download Council Tax finance information 2024 (PDF)

Find out about the Council budget and key facts about the services we provide.

Water and waste water service charges

Your Council Tax bill includes the charges for your water supply and waste water collection services from Scottish Water.

Scotland’s water is vital to our everyday lives, and Scottish Water handles caring for it. Scottish Water is publicly owned, and they invest every penny into protecting the nation’s most precious resource. Scottish Water is owned by you, the Scottish public.

What your charges pay for

The charges you pay allow Scottish Water to operate and improve water and waste water services and infrastructure in communities across Scotland.

They apply to every household connected to the public water supply, the public waste water network, or both.

What your charges are based on

Your charges are based on the Council Tax Band for your home. They are on your Council Tax bill, even if you receive Council Tax Reduction. Some Council Tax exemptions and discounts will also apply to these charges, such as single occupancy or if you are a student.

More information about Scottish Water

View and download the 2024/ 25 Scottish Water unmetered household charges leaflet from the Scottish Water website. You can find out more about Scottish Water, their customer charter and keep up to date with what they are doing on their website.

Contact Scottish Water

You can email or call the customer helpline free 24/7 on 0800 077 8778.