Delivering an economy for all

Council Commitments on local jobs, growth and affordable housing

  1. Deliver a programme to build at least 10,000 social and affordable homes over the next 5 years, with a plan to build 20,000 by 2027
  2. Create the conditions for businesses to thrive. Invest in supporting businesses, social enterprise, training in hi-tech, creative and other key sectors including co-operatives. Help link business with young people to ensure the workforce of the future is guaranteed work, training or education on leaving school
  3.  Work with the business community to grow the number of Living Wage employers year on year
  4.  Direct development to growth corridors as the best way to accommodate the extra housing needed for Edinburgh's growth and allowing the city to manage and protect green belt
  5.  Sign Edinburgh to the Pay Fair Tax Initiative
  6. Deliver the City Region Deal. Make sure the benefits of investment are felt throughout the city and create space for new business to start and grow
  7.  Improve access to employment and training opportunities for people with disabilities
  8. Explore the introduction of fair rent zones
  9. Create a Homeless Task Force to investigate the growing homelessness problem in the city. The team will review the use of bed and breakfast premises and explore alternatives that better meet the needs of individuals and families with an aim to end the use of bed and breakfast facilities. Appoint a Homelessness Champion who will chair the Task Force