Delivering for our children and families

Council Commitments on improving lives and futures

  1. Create a first-class education estate – building 2 new secondary schools and 10 new primaries by 2021. Ensure safe standards are met by rigorous inspections of new and existing school buildings
  2. Improve and protect access to additional languages and music tuition and encourage more children and young people to gain vital skills in construction, engineering, digital technology, maths and science
  3. Increase the number of classroom assistants and support staff for children with additional needs to improve attainment and wellbeing
  4. Expand training opportunities for adults and young people linking with colleges and expanding vocational education
  5. Double free early learning and child care provision, providing 1140 hours a year for all 3 and 4 year olds and vulnerable 2 year olds by 2020
  6. Make early years’ provision more flexible to fit families’ needs and provide additional resources to families in difficulty so that no children are educationally disadvantaged when they start formal schooling
  7. Prioritise services for vulnerable children and families and looked after children, and support organisations working to end domestic abuse
  8. Improve access to library services and community centres making them more digital, and delivering them in partnership with local communities
  9. Support the continued development of Gaelic Medium Education