Colleague wellbeing support - Coronavirus advice

Health and wellbeing tips, tools and resources

Looking after our mental and physical wellbeing is more important than ever during these unprecedented times. This page will be continually updated to highlight key guidance and resources to help you stay as well as possible during COVID-19 and beyond:

Create a personal wellbeing plan

It can be helpful to think in advance about what strategies you have available to you to stay well and create healthy routines during this period and beyond. Creating a personal wellbeing plan is one way to think about what is most helpful for you.

Have a wellbeing check-in conversation

Use our wellbeing check-in tools to talk about your wellbeing with your manager or colleagues.

Physical health:

Taking care of your basic needs is more important than ever, including getting enough sleep and rest, eating sufficient healthy food and engaging in physical activity.

Mental health:

COVID-19 is an unprecedented situation so it’s natural that we may feel anxious, stressed or out of our comfort zone. It’s ok not to feel ok. The following resources can help you develop resilience during this period and manage difficult emotions.

Financial health:

Home working or self-isolating

Other free external resources, apps and webinars: