Edinburgh’s joint community safety and antisocial behaviour strategy 2020 – 2023

The new strategy was developed jointly by The City of Edinburgh Council and Police Scotland.

In developing the new three-year strategy, we took the decision to widen the scope of the old antisocial behaviour strategy and include broader community safety issues, those being

  • effective safeguarding 
  • reducing vulnerability and;
  • early intervention and prevention to enable communities to be more inclusive, empowered, resilient and safe

The strategy is based on working in partnership across the Council and partner agencies including the voluntary sector.

We also know that the strategy will not achieve its goals on its own, so to enhance shared aims and promote collaboration, this strategy sits alongside a wide range of policies and strategies, specifically the Youth Justice Strategy and the Community Justice Outcome Plan (CJOIP).

The three interrelated priority themes that are the focus of this strategy are

  1. Reduce harm and safeguard people from antisocial behaviour specifically the impact of noise
  2. Reduce the likelihood of children and young people engaging in harmful or offending behaviour
  3. Digitial strategy: Safeguard people from online harm

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