Preparing Edinburgh for climate change

Adapting Edinburgh for climate change

We need to adapt our city so that it copes with the impact of climate change. Climate change is already presenting many risks and some opportunities to

  • our homes
  • businesses
  • way of life.

This is affecting

  • people
  • our landscapes
  • our environment
  • economy.

Our climate is projected to change further, despite our existing efforts to reduce Scotland’s carbon emissions. We are likely to see increasing extreme weather

  • heavier winter rainfall
  • reduced summer rainfall
  • higher average temperatures
  • more frequent and extreme heatwaves
  • rising sea level
  • more coastal erosion
  • increased likelihood of flooding. 

Actions to adapt our city

We have a draft plan with proposals on how we could adapt our city so that it will be able to cope better with the effects of climate change. We are looking for people's views on the proposed actions. You can give your views online before 7 April 2024.

Your views will help shape our Climate ready Edinburgh Plan, which will be the new climate change adaptation plan for the city.