2030 Climate Strategy

The 2030 Climate Strategy sets out a city-wide approach to reducing greenhouse gases in Edinburgh.

The plan outlines how to deliver a net zero, climate ready city by 2030 as well as a healthier, thriving and inclusive capital for people to live and work in.

The strategy highlights six of the most impactful actions contributing to the net zero target. These include:

  1. Unlocking and accelerating energy efficiency in homes and buildings
  2. Enabling the development of a citywide programme of heat and energy generation and distribution infrastructure
  3. Accelerating the decarbonisation of public transport
  4. Renewing the focus on climate resilience and accelerating adaptation of the city
  5. Supporting citizen empowerment, behaviour change and community activism and
  6. Supporting business transition and the green economy.

It is supported by an implementation plan which outlines the deliverables, timescales, milestones and resources needed to achieve the city’s ambitious climate goals, along with an approach to measuring outcomes and impact.

The strategy and implementation plans are living documents that will evolve with our learning, technology and legal powers. Progress on the city target will be reported annually.

Illustration on Council's 2030 Climate Strategy document

2030 Climate Strategy

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2030 Climate Strategy Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Post Adoption Statement

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