Play your part in developing our Future Edinburgh

We want to concentrate on creating good places to live and work across Edinburgh. We have an ambitious 2030 target to lower the number of kilometres travelled by car in the city by 30%. Edinburgh also aims to end poverty and be a net-zero city by 2030.

Our Future Streets Framework

Draft action plans to deliver the City Mobility strategy

You can download the draft action plans which support the delivery of our City Mobility vision and strategy to see the detail of the proposed action plans. The proposed action plans were presented to the Council's Transport and Enviroment Committee between December 2022 and February 2023.

Between 17 April and 9 July 2023 we ran an online consultation (supported by 12 in person drop-in sessions at venues across the city) to gather views on proposals and priorities set out in these action plans and Our Future Streets framework. We are currently analysing the findings of this consultation, and will provide further updates in due course.

Active Travel Action Plan

  • The Active Travel Action Plan sets out how we can make Edinburgh a city where walking or wheeling is the natural first choice for the shortest journeys - wherever you live, whatever your destination or whatever your circumstances. Please note that the tables in appendix 6 of this document does not meet WC3 accessibility standards.
  • You can read an overview about the proposed active travel action plan in the committee report.

Air Quality Action plan

Parking Action Plan

Road Safety Action Plan

Public Transport Action Plan

  • Public Transport Action Plan outlines our ambition to create a public transport system that is accessible and affordable as well as being safer. It will also be more convenient and support the choices available for everyone to move around the city. Please note the appendices in this document do not meet WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility standards.
  • You can read an overview about the proposed public transport action plan in the committee report.