Kinship carers

Sometimes relatives and family friends care for children because their parents are unable to do so. If you are looking after a child like this you are a 'kinship carer'.

Contact us using the details below or speak to your child’s social worker if you have any questions. 

Mailing list

Email us to add yourself to our mailing list to receive

  • offers for events, such as those in the Edinburgh Festival and pantomime tickets
  • information on courses and training for young people
  • details of kinship events.

Financial support

The support we provide depends on how you became a kinship carer.

The weekly kinship payment before deductions is

  • £102.42 for 0 to 4-year old children
  • £124.72 for 5 to 10
  • £155.25 for 11 to 13
  • £159.59 for 14 to 15
  • £191.52 for 16 to 18.

We deduct benefits you receive from this amount.

Kinship carers of looked after children can only claim Child Benefit which will be deducted. When the child stops being looked after your payment will take into account any other benefits you receive for the child, except those related to a disability.   

Kinship carers of children that are not looked after can claim 

  • Child Benefit
  • Child Tax Credit
  • other child-related benefits.

Funding to support legal costs

If you want to get a legal order to secure the child in your care and do not qualify for legal aid you may be able to get funding towards legal expenses. The funding is based on your circumstances. 

Social, emotional and practical support

We offer support for kinship carers and their children such as

  • social and entertainment events
  • workshops
  • advice on financial and legal matters
  • access to charities and resources.

We provide one to one support to 

  • understand and manage behaviour
  • understand and manage parental contact
  • get your child support in school
  • understand local authority procedures, such as formal meetings.

We aim to support you, whatever your needs.

Support and guides

Kinship care support

Monday to Thursday from 9am to 5pm and Friday 9am to 3:30pm. Leave a message and we will call back.

Telephone: 0131 529 2588