Volunteers for carers

Volunteers for Carers gives carers flexible and direct support when they need it. Support comes from our fully checked, trained and supervised volunteers while giving you choice and control. We have different types of support which we can deliver in a variety of ways to suit your needs. You choose what support you need, how often you need it and who delivers it. Volunteers for Carers can offer a range of support, including a volunteer to

  • spend time with the person you care for. This may involve an outing (going for a walk, coffee, cinema etc) or staying with the person in their home,
  • spend time with you to offer you companionship and reassurance,
  • spend time with you and the person you care for together to offer extra company and support during an outing,
  • offer support with gardening.

How you can access Volunteers for Carers

If you and the person you care for are aged 18 or over, and you live in Edinburgh, you can ask for help from a volunteer.

Contact Social Care Direct on 0131 200 2324.