Your needs as a carer

Carer's assessment

You are a carer if you look after someone who is ill, frail or has a disability and the care you give or are about to give is regular and substantial. As an unpaid adult carer, you can contact Social Care Direct to arrange for us to assess your own needs. Not everyone who asks to be assessed will need to be.

You must be assessed if the person you live with and care for is considering a move to live more independently.

An assessment can also be useful to identify your needs if you’re thinking of a short break from caring.

How assessment can help

We will look at

  • what services help with the support you give
  • services to give you a break
  • sources of support and local carers' groups
  • Carer’s Emergency Card
  • benefits advice
  • how to arrange a needs assessment for the person you care for.

About the assessment

We can offer a full carer’s assessment.  A social worker or occupational therapist will arrange to visit you to carry out an assessment. This will look at the support you provide and determine your needs as a carer.

Other help

Personal care at home services can offer extra help to the person you care for.

Our Advice Shop offers advice on benefits, allowances and finances.