Adult Carer Support Plans

What is an Adult Carer Support Plan?

We know that unpaid carers sometimes need help to continue caring. To help you think about what type of support you might need as a carer, you can complete an Adult Carer Support Plan.

An Adult Carer Support Plan is a document which allows you to have a good conversation about your caring role and how it impacts your life. 

The support plan will help you consider

  • balancing your life with your caring role
  • emotional and practical support
  • planning for the future
  • your finances
  • where to ask for support for the person you care for
  • what can be done if you feel you cannot continue caring.

You can complete the plan with a worker by phone or in person. This may take around an hour.

How do I complete an Adult Carer Support Plan?

We can help you to complete the support plan. To apply call the Carer Support Team on 0131 536 3371 or fill out a this online form:

Ask for support for a carer form