Hospital carer support

Support for carers whilst in hospital

It can help if you know what support the person you care for needs when they leave hospital.

You can also get support in your own right if you have not been a carer before, or your caring role has changed because of hospital treatment. You can refer yourself for this service if you meet the criteria below by contacting the Integrated Carers Team. You can also ask a member of hospital staff for more information.

Carer support workers

Carer support workers in hospital can help you to get involved in planning support for the person you care for. Planning can begin from the the time the person is admitted and go on until they leave hospital. You can also get help to find support for yourself as a carer.

The carer support worker can help you

  • work with staff to decide what support will be arranged for the person you care for when they leave hospital
  • decide what support you are able to provide as a carer.

They will be able to

  • offer you a carers assessment and discuss your own needs as a carer
  • make referrals to carer support services
  • find general information on medical conditions and treatment.

There are carer support workers based in the main Edinburgh hospitals. Specialist carer support for Chinese and Asian carers is available from MECOPP.  You can find out more about hospital discharge support on MECOPP's website.

Getting hospital discharge carer support

You can receive this service if 

  • you provide regular unpaid support to family or friends who could not manage without your help
  • either you or the person who is in an Edinburgh hospital is aged 65 years or over.

How to apply

You can refer yourself to the service by contacting the Integrated Carers Team

0131 536 3371   Monday-Friday, 9am - 5pm

Ward staff, charge nurses, social workers, occupational therapists or physiotherapists can also put you in touch with the carer support hospital discharge workers and refer you to the service with your consent.