Paying your care home fees

Making payments

Every four weeks we will pay the care home their charges less your assessed contribution and less any extra payments made by someone else. The care home will bill the other person for the extra charges.

Some care homes will bill you for your contribution. We bill you on behalf of some care homes. We bill quarterly but we plan to bill four weekly. You can pay your bill online.

Each care home has its own billing arrangements. They will provide you with information and talk you through the payment options.  Most care homes bill on a four weekly basis.

Download our paying for a care home leaflet below for more information.

If you cannot deal with your finances

There are several options if you need a person to act on your behalf to help you pay for your care.  It is important that these arrangements are put in place as soon as possible to prevent debt building up.

You can

Someone acting on your behalf can can also apply to the Office of Public Guardian for a Guardianship order which allows a person to take action or make decisions on behalf of an adult without capacity.

We have the right to cancel any appointees and access to funds options if it can be shown that the monies are not being used to pay care home fees.

We can apply to become appointee or apply for access to funds if we cannot find anyone willing to manage your finances. Savings, income and benefits can be paid to us on your behalf.  Your assessment care manager will advise you what to do.