Public inspection period

Public inspection notification

We make our draft accounts available for the public to see for three weeks each summer, before they have finished being audited. This is so the public can see the

  • bills
  • deeds
  • books
  • contracts
  • other documents that the accounts are based on.

Scope of 2020/21 accounts

This annual inspection covers the bodies of

  • The City of Edinburgh Council
  • Lothian Pension Fund and Scottish Homes Pension Fund
  • The City of Edinburgh Council Charitable Trusts
  • Edinburgh Integration Joint Board.

Separate arrangements are in place for each of

  • Lothian Valuation Joint Board
  • South East of Scotland Transport Partnership (SEStran).

View the unaudited accounts for 2020/21 for all of the above bodies

2020/21 inspection period

This period for 2020/21 ran from Thursday 1 July 2021 to Wednesday 21 July 2021, both dates inclusive. This period applies to all bodies noted above.