Council budget 2020-2023

Council budget 2021-22

The budget for 2021-22 focuses on Edinburgh’s recovery from the pandemic while tackling key priorities of

  • eradicating poverty
  • cutting carbon emissions
  • working for a fairer, more inclusive city where every resident feels valued and empowered.

We deliver a vast range of services to people who live and work in Edinburgh. In 2021/22 we will spend over £1 billion on services and our priorities. This includes 

Reducing poverty

  • £82 million on early years services - 1,140 hours of funded early learning and childcare by August 2021
  • £2.8 billion over ten years in capital projects including 10,000 new Council-led affordable homes by 2027, modernising existing homes and producing zero carbon emissions by 2030
  • £3.6 million to improve pupil attainment, achievement and attendance, as well as £7 million from Scottish Government Pupil Equity Funding
  • £0.8 million for clothing grants
  • £0.17 million to freeze fees and charges for school meals, care at home services, garden aid and library reservation charges and fines
  • An additional £10 million on temporary accommodation for ongoing impacts of responding to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Over £1 million to maximise household incomes for those who need it most
  • Free school meals for almost 7,700 pupils and all pupils in P1-P3
  • Almost £30 million for people who need help paying their council tax
  • £0.175 million extra for the Edinburgh Guarantee
  • £0.4 million to help people at risk of homelessness and support those experiencing homelessness into secure tenancies
  • £1.05 million for families to manage crisis needs, more direct payments due to COVID, food security and expand programmes like Discover!
  • £2 million extra to help all our school pupils get the equipment they need for their studies  

Sustainability - working towards being carbon neutral by 2030

  • £8.4 million to finish upgrading our street lighting to energy-efficient LED lights
  • Trams to Newhaven project including £2.4 million to support local businesses
  • £7.6 million to continue to replace more than 200 vehicles with lower emissions ones
  • £0.5 million to support our climate obligations and further decarbonisation of the Council’s estate
  • £0.3 million to support our sustainability plan
  • £0.5 million for digital Smart City initiatives

Health and wellbeing

  • £19.7 million to complete Meadowbank Sports Centre
  • £2.3 million for community mental health support and school counselling
  • £3.9 million in grants to improve mental health and wellbeing, learning and development and to support personal and social development
  • £0.5 million to improve our parks, playparks, food growing and urban forests, with £4 million of related capital investment
  • £0.25 million to set up a short-term let licensing and enforcement system
  • £0.11 million to strengthen and support our role as corporate parents by expanding the support team
  • £0.052 million to extend the role of the Gaelic development

In 2021-22, we will also invest

  • £8.5 million on North Bridge
  • £234 million on health and social care services

Over the next ten years, we will invest

  • More than £189 million on roads and pavements, including winter maintenance
  • £68 million on road safety, network, cycling and public transport

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