Council budget 2022-2023

Budget set for 2022/23

The budget for 2022-23 is designed to support residents through the ‘cost-of-living crisis' and invest in local communities:

A fair city

  • an extra £1.1 million towards easing the cost of living crisis for the city’s most vulnerable and £150 for 33,000 low-income households across the city at a total cost of £4.95 million
  • an extra £100 will be provided for every child within a low-income home (identified via free school meals qualifications)
  • an additional £450k will be made available by the Council in crisis grant funding
  • £112,000 has been earmarked to make sure every school in the city is equipped with a life-saving defibrillator
  • £1 million of additional funding will be provided for children’s services

A welcoming city

  • a one-off £1.1 million ‘deep clean’ will remove graffiti and address street cleansing in the city centre and local wards
  • £250,000 will see a new neighbourhood action team created to tackle hot spot areas of unkept land and deal with issues like overgrowth and fly tipping
  • an extra £1 million will be set aside for road and pavement maintenance to improve movement around the city
  • £450,000 will help to improve park facilities, creating even better green spaces in every ward and improved lighting.
  • £325,000 will be invested in playparks
  • £130,000 will be allocated to expand food growing facilities across the city
  • £150,000 will be spent on regulating and monitoring short-term lets in Edinburgh and related issues of anti-social behaviour

A thriving and sustainable city

  • an additional £500,000 will support Edinburgh’s Net Zero ambitions, accelerating the city’s One Million Tree City programme, and £200k will be invested in Energy for Edinburgh, the Council’s publicy owned energy service company, to allow a zero-carbon energy project to move forward
  • up to £100,000 will be spent through participatory budgeting, supporting local communities to be involved in the running of the city
  • £200,000 will be used to support local community festivals, including Edinburgh’s Diwali and the Leith Festival.

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