Audited annual accounts

The Local Authority Accounts (Scotland) Regulations 2014 means that we have to publish

  • the accounts of all our subsidiary bodies
  • our audited annual accounts for the financial year
  • any reports from the auditor that relate to the annual accounts.

Our audited annual accounts 

Download our audited annual accounts and auditor reports (PDFs) 

The current accounts show the financial position and performance of the Council and its related bodies to 31 March 2023.

A summary of the accounts is available which provides an overview of the audited annual accounts to 31 March.

Download our audited annual accounts summary (PDF)

For annual accounts for earlier years, please contact us using the details below. 

Charitable Fund and Trusts

As the Finance and Resources Committee is the sole trustee for the Charitable Fund and Trusts, we are responsible for publishing their audited annual accounts. 

Download the Charitable Fund and Trusts accounts and auditor reports (PDFs)

Our subsidiaries 

  • CEC Holdings Limited
  • Transport for Edinburgh
  • Edinbugh Living MMR LLP
  • CEC Recovery Limited

Download the annual accounts for each of our subsidiaries (PDFs)  

Our associates and joint ventures

  • Lothian Valuation Joint Board
  • Edinburgh Leisure
  • Capital Theatres
  • Edinburgh Integration Joint Board
  • Capital City Partnership Limited

The accounts for Lothian Valuation Joint Board, Edinburgh Leisure and Capital Theatres are available on the respective bodies’ websites.

Download the Edinburgh Integration Joint Board and Capital City Partnership Limited audited annual accounts (PDFs)

Other organisations

We are also responsible for preparing the accounts for some other organisations.

  • South East Scotland Transport Partnership (SEStran)

The accounts for SEStran are available on its website.

Head of Corporate Finance.

Telephone: 0131 469 3172