Booking a civil marriage and partnership at an agreed venue

Terms and conditions

  • The venue / location is subject to agreement between the couple, city of Edinburgh’s registration service and the venue / location proprietor.
  • The registration service reserves the right to refuse to conduct a ceremony or registration in any location deemed unsafe or undignified.
  • The ceremony must be planned to take place within the City of Edinburgh Council area. If your ceremony is to take place in a venue not on our dropdown menu, we will contact you within 14 days should it be out with our boundary. A full refund will be given.
  • Your venue will be made aware of the restrictions on alcohol being consumed during the ceremony. Other guidelines issued to venues which must be adhered to immediately before, during and after the ceremony are available on request.
  • Should your ceremony be planned for outdoors further information will be issued to you.
  • Guest numbers must not exceed that stipulated by a venue’s health, safety and fire regulations.
  • Your ceremony may have to be postponed / cancelled should any of the main parties be excessively late or under the extreme influence of alcohol.
  • The registration service cannot accept responsibility or financial liability for the delay, postponement or cancellation of a ceremony or registration where these terms may have been breached.