Citizenship ceremonies

After receiving your Home Office invitation you must review the following information before you make a booking.

  1. We can only book your ceremony if you have received an invitation letter from the Home Office.
  2. Check the Home Office invitation letter to confirm you are contacting the correct local authority to arrange your ceremony.
  3. You are permitted to bring two guests per booking to the ceremony. Do not bring any additional guests.
  4. Children under the age of 18 do not need to attend the ceremony, parents will be presented with the certificate when they attend their ceremony.

We can offer group citizenship ceremonies.

Booking your citizenship ceremony

Before booking your citizenship ceremony check the following information.

If your surname

  • has more than one name, use the last name only
  • is hyphenated, use both names including the hyphen. For example, Smith-Jones.

Your password is your Home Office reference number, if your reference has 

  • 9 digits starting with 0 you must enter all digits
  • 16 digits, for example 1212-0001-0002-0003, you must enter the full reference including hyphens.

To receive a confirmation email please ensure you input your own email address in the box showing ""

Book your citizenship ceremony

Private ceremonies

Private citizenship ceremonies can be arranged, subject to availability. A fee of £100 is chargeable for a private ceremony which you will pay at the time of booking.

To make a booking for a private ceremony call 0131 529 2614