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School admissions

If you want to apply for a place in a school, the application process depends on the year group you are applying for.

If your child is starting primary school or moving to high school in August 2020 you apply to the School Placements team. They are responsible for allocating all places in P1 and S1.

If you are looking for a place after P1 or S1 has started, or in any other year group, you apply directly to the school of your choice.

Apply for a place in P1 or S1 in August 2020

If your child is in nursery, find out how to register for Primary 1.

If your child is in Primary 7, find out about starting secondary school.

Apply for a place in other year groups

Before you apply, find your catchment area.

Carefully check if school places are available if you are considering moving house.

You can decide to apply to a school in a different catchment area, but there is no guarantee of a place at your preferred school.

Please download the request form, complete and return it to your chosen school.

Download the request for school place form (PDF, 206 KB)

Find primary schools

Find secondary schools

Once you have applied

You will receive a letter with the decision as soon as possible. Please allow extra time to account for school holidays.

We give priority to requests from those living in the catchment area.

If we don't grant your request your child will go on a waiting list. We prioritise waiting lists based on when we received your request.

If your catchment school is full we place you on its waiting list. You must contact other schools to find a place.

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