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Moving from primary to secondary school

Children in P7 have been allocated a place at a secondary school. This place is based on their catchment area if your child is

  • at a primary school run by us
  • living in the City of Edinburgh Council area.

We sent a letter to parents in early November 2017, telling you which school has been allocated.

You are only guaranteed a place in the school if you live in the catchment area. If you live outside the catchment area you need to make a placing request and you will only receive a place if one is available.

Apply for your place

You have a choice of two catchment schools

  • non-denominational
  • Roman Catholic (RC).

If you wish to request a place at your RC catchment school, you must complete the RC admission form below.

If too many children are allocated to the RC school, priority will be given to children who are baptised in the Roman Catholic faith.

Children who are turned down at their RC school are given a place in their non-denominational school. If you are affected by this we will send you a letter in March 2018.

Moving to the catchment area

If you are moving into a different school catchment area before August 2018, please complete the change of address form.

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