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Top ten energy saving tips

  1. Switch off lights in empty rooms
  2. Close curtains at dusk
  3. Set thermostats correctly
  4. Hot water tank thermostat between 60-65°C
  5. Room thermostats between 18-21°C, or 21-23°C if there are older people, very young children, or someone with health difficulties in the home.
  6. Turn gadgets off at the plug rather than leaving on standby
  7. Try not to put furniture in front of a radiator
  8. Use a shower instead of a bath.
  9. Only fill the kettle with as much water as you need
  10. Cook with lids on pans and match the cooking ring to saucepan size
  11. Wait until you have a full load before putting your washing machine on and use a lower temperature (30) wash cycle
  12. Dry clothes outside or on a clothes rail for free instead of using an expensive tumble dryer

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