Queensferry Street to Randolph Place

The work on Queensferry Street and Randolph Place involves significant improvements to the street layout, introducing wider pavements, segregated cycleways and new traffic signals.

We have planned the work to accommodate the challenges of working around a busy junction and to minimise the impact on the local area as much as possible. Some noise and disruption is always inevitable, but we will work in smaller areas to help to reduce this.  

Working with you to minimise disruption

We will work with businesses and residents to address any concerns you may have. Our site construction manager will visit each business individually before we start. This will give us a better understanding of what we can do to help limit disruption., for example we can carry out slabbing in front of businesses at suitable times to maintain access during opening hours.

Cellar and frontage surveys

Before we start work we will carry out a cellar and frontage survey of each property around our work area. A photographic record will be shared with each owner. The site engineering team will contact you on or before 14 November to carry out these surveys.

The work will be completed in four stages as shown on the designs..

Published: 9th November 2022