Project Update Newsletter - Oct 2022

Construction of the new segregated cycleways has been progressing at a steady rate since works started in February 2022. Find out more

We have completed a number of areas across the route, but progress has come with a variety of unforeseen challenges.

Progress has at times been curtailed by similar challenges experienced across the wider construction sector in relation to the global COVID-19 Pandemic and the Ukraine crisis. These two issues have constrained the availability of key resources and materials required for construction and impacted the anticipated rate of progress across the multiple work areas. However, we are working positively to improve our overall progress and finish current and future areas of works now that there is improved availability of resources and materials.

Section 1 – Roseburn to Haymarket

Works are progressing well along the north side of West Coates, with the new cycle way and continuous footways over side roads taking shape. These new junctions are designed to give priority to anyone walking, wheeling or cycling, in line with recent changes to the Highway Code.   We will be between Roseburn Street and Magdala Crescent until December 2022.

Roseburn Street and Russell Road

Good progress has also been made in the Roseburn Street and Russell Road areas, with work finishing by the end of October 2022.

Work at the Murrayfield Avenue junction is scheduled to finish in mid-October. We will then start work in Murrayfield Place to install new drainage, kerbs and resurface pavements.  Works in the Murrayfield Place area will continue for a period of 10 weeks.

We also recently started work on the junction of Wester Coates Road, and the work site is now extending further east towards and beyond the old Donaldson’s School.

Roseburn Terrace – north side

Work started in September along the north side of Roseburn Terrace, between Roseburn Cliff and Roseburn Street, with this section to be completed by early December 2022.

Section 2 – Haymarket to Randolph Place

Work is largely finished on the cycleway at the junction of Palmerston Place and Grosvenor Crescent/Lansdowne Crescent and the new cycle and pedestrian crossing over Palmerston Place. Work along Bishop’s Walk is also nearing completion.

The cycleways on Manor Place and Melville Street are progressing well, with work almost finished on the northbound cycleway on Manor Place and the east bound cycleway on Melville Street.  We will start working on the Queensferry Street junction in early 2023, with Randolph Place starting later in 2022. 

Section 3 – St Andrew Square to York Place

We’ve started work on Queen Street and North St David Street and this will continue until summer 2023. We will start on York Place in early 2023.

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Published: 24th October 2022