Project Update - Sections One and Two, July 2022

We are continuing to work hard on the CCWEL project with new cycleways, wider pavements and more crossing points starting to take shape throughout the route.

We have also been working with local groups and schools on some great events and competitions to raise awareness about road safety and encourage active travel in the local area.

As with any construction work, some disruption and noise is inevitable, but we will continue to work with you to minimise the impact as much as possible.

Progress and next steps

Section One - Roseburn to Haymarket

Work is going well on the new cycleway on the north side of West Coates. We will be between Roseburn Street and Magdala Crescent until late September 2022.

We are also making good progress on widening pavements and new crossings on Roseburn Street and Russell Road. Russell Road is closed to northbound traffic until 29 July 2022 and following this Roseburn Street to northbound traffic from 18 July to 2 September 2022.

We recently started work on the junction of Roseburn Gardens and Roseburn Terrace to make this a permanent closure. This will address problems in the street with the amount of traffic and improve the area for pedestrians and cyclists. There is currently no vehicle access to Roseburn Terrace. We will be working here until 5 August 2022.

We will shortly start work on Murrayfield Gardens on 8 August 2022 followed by Murrayfield Avenue and Murrayfield Place throughout summer and into winter.

Our work to install the new cycleway on the north side of Roseburn Terrace has been postponed so the street can operate as usual during the summer period. We will now start work on this section in early September and finish before 5 December 2022.

Construction of the cycleway on Haymarket Terrace will start January 2023.  The colour coded map shows where and when construction will take place.

Section Two - Haymarket to Randolph Place

Resurfacing of Rosebery Crescent, Grosvenor Crescent and Lansdowne Crescent is finished, though we will be sorting some minor snagging issues in the coming weeks.

Construction of the cycleway layout at the junction of Palmerston Place and Grosvenor/Lansdowne Crescent and the new cycle and pedestrian crossing over Palmerston Place is all progressing well. Work in this area is due to finish by 26 August 2022.

On Manor Place we are rebuilding the junction with the east end of Bishop’s Walk and the new cycleway layouts.Work at the junction is due to finish 5 August 2022 when vehicle access will return. After this date we will finish the cycleway on the western half of Bishop’s Walk.

Work on the cycleways on Melville Street and the ‘meanwhile’ layout at Melville Crescent will start in summer, and work on the junction with Queensferry Street will start in autumn. The colour coded map shows where and when construction will take place.

Project Update Newsletter 22

Published: 11th July 2022