Shared repairs and maintenance

Shared responsibility

If you live in a tenement, or upper and lower villa, as well as maintaining your own home, you and your neighbours are responsible for the upkeep of the common or shared areas in or around the building. You can contact us for advice and information to help you understand shared responsibilities.

Some examples of shared areas are

  • the roof
  • drains within the property boundary
  • stairs
  • down pipes or rhones
  • paths and entrances
  • door entry systems
  • back greens
  • boundary walls.

In Scotland, lead does not occure naturally in significant concentrations in our water supplies.  The problem arises when drinking water comes into contact with

  • lead supply pipes
  • lead tanks
  • lead solder joints on copper pipes
  • inferior quality brass fittings and taps

particularly for longer periods for example

  • overnight
  • weekends
  • holiday periods.

If you suspect you have lead pipes, the Council encourages you to undertake further works with a view to establishing whether lead is present and to take steps to replace them and as a short term, implement some precautionary measures to protect your health.

Information on the heath effects of exposure to lead can be found on the NHS inform website.

If you live in a shared building, you will need to work with your neighbours at all stages of repairs or maintenance work. You might hold a stair meeting or form an owners association. For more details, download our guide to working together - organising shared repairs, below.

Find out who to contact if your building is unsafe or if it is an emergency.  Door entry systems are not treated as an emergency. You can download our guide to door entry systems below.

Title deeds

Details of your shared areas and how to work out your share of a bill should be in your title deeds. If you don't have your title deeds, you can get a copy from Registers of Scotland. For help understanding your title deeds, contact your solicitor.  You can also download our guide to shared repairs and your title deeds, below.

Tracing neighbours

Not everyone lives in the property they own. You can check for landlord contact details on the National Landlord Registration database. For more advice on finding who owns property, download our guide on how to trace owners, below.

Tenement Toolbox 

We have a range of guides and templates that can help you get together with your neighbours to arrange your shared repairs.  If you would like us to send you a pack, please email us

 or you can download a pack below.

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