Help for men being abusive

Support if you are worried about your behaviour

Safer Families Edinburgh can help you to change if you are abusive and you don’t want to be. If you are worried about your behaviour, contact us to speak to someone in confidence

0131 469 5325

We also have a women’s service. We do not work with men and women side by side as couples. 

You might be asked to attend the Caledonian Edinburgh Programme if you are a man who has been convicted of domestic abuse.

The Safer Families programme

If you contact us, we will ask you to meet with one of our workers. The worker will ask you why you want to change. You can find out about how we work and ask questions to help you decide if our programme is right for you.

Our programme aims to help you

  • understand why you have been abusive
  • learn new ways of thinking about things
  • learn new ways of behaving.

We have worked with a lot of men and understand how hard it is to ask for help. When you decide that you need to change you have already taken the most important step. Your partner and children have the right to feel safe around you.

Further help

You can search for local domestic abuse support services below.

Respect runs a helpline for men and women who want help with stopping their abusive behaviour.

0845 122 8609

You can find out more about their helplines on the Respect website.

Drinking can make abusive behaviour worse. You may also want to get advice on drug and alcohol problems.

You may be concerned about someone at risk of harm. You can find out how to keep them safe.

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