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Which vehicles can and cannot use bus lanes

New bus lane cameras

A second bus lane camera is now live on Liberton Road, between Gilmerton Road and Lady Road. This new camera monitors the northbound bus lane. Warning notices will be issued for two weeks before charge notices are issued from 9 December 2019. There is already an existing camera on Liberton Road monitoring the southbound bus lane which has been in place for some time.

Another bus lane camera recently went live and charge notices were issued from 11 November 2019 at Calder Road, between Saughton Road and Stevenson Drive.

There are yellow warning signs in place on approach to the new cameras and white camera enforcement signs are also displayed. There are no changes to the layout or operational times of these bus lanes. Only those driving within the bus lane during restricted times risk being issued with a charge notice. 

Which vehicles can and cannot use bus lanes and gates

All vehicles can use bus lanes outside peak times, that is from 9.30am to 4pm and 6.30pm to 7.30am Monday to Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday. Motorcycles are now also allowed to use peak time bus lanes at any time. However, general traffic cannot use the 24 hour bus lanes at

  • Johnston Terrace
  • Bread Street
  • Inglis Green Road
  • Ocean Terminal
  • along the A90, west of Barnton Junction.

Motorcycles cannot use bus gates, these are stretches of road which only

  • buses
  • taxis
  • cyclists
  • emergency vehicles

can use. Bus gates are located at

  • The Jewel
  • Prestonfield Avenue
  • Little France Drive
  • Kirklands Park Street (Kirkliston)
  • Bankhead Drive

and are restricted 24 hours a day.

Shore has a contra-flow bus lane and is restricted 24 hours a day. Taxis and motorcycles are also not allowed to use this bus lane.

Please check bus lanes signs for more details.

You will receive a £60 charge if you drive in a bus lane or through a bus gate during their controlled times. This will be reduced to £30 if you pay within 14 days of receiving your charge notice.

Vehicles that can use bus gates are

  • buses
  • taxis but not private hire cars 
  • pedal cyclists
  • emergency service vehicles.

Vehicles that can use bus lanes are

  • public service vehicles, such as Lothian and First buses
  • taxis but not private hire cars 
  • motorbikes 
  • pedal cyclists
  • emergency service vehicles.

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