Bus lane notices

  1. Which vehicles can and cannot use bus lanes
  2. Pay or challenge a bus lane notice (selected)

Pay or challenge a bus lane notice

You can pay your bus lane notice online or by phone.

0131 627 0014

Challenge your bus lane notice

If you wish to challenge a bus lane charge notice you can email or send a letter to us.

Please include your charge notice reference beginning EB, if you do not know the  ticket number please supply your vehicle registration number.

Email Address 


Email file attachments - attachments over 10MB may be blocked, these will be manually released and dealt with by staff in due course,  please consider sending smaller file sizes to avoid inconvenience and delays. 

Postal address 

Parking Services
The City of Edinburgh Council
Lowton Way
PO Box 208 
Sheffield, S98 1LS 

In person

You can complete a form or hand in a challenge at any of neighbourhood offices, you can check here for your nearest office.

We aim to respond within 28 working days and your ticket will be put 'on hold' and no further charges will be applied until we reply.

You will receive a further 14 days to pay £30 if your reasons are rejected. The law states that you must submit formal representations at the £60 level even if you challenged it within the first 14 days. 

There are 9 formal reasons to appeal your notice. You will receive a Notice of Rejection if your reasons are turned down and you can then appeal to the Scottish Parking Appeals service. This outcome is binding on you and the Council.

You will receive a charge certificate if you don't pay or challenge your notice after 28 days. This will increase the cost by 50% to £90. Sheriff Officers will collect this debt from you if you don't pay the Council £90.

Challenge reasons

If you are unsure which ground applies you can still appeal and explain your case to the Adjudicator

1.    The alleged bus lane contravention did not occur.

2.    Other proceedings are being pursued in relation to the contravention.

3.    You were not the registered keeper of the vehicle at the time the alleged bus lane contravention occurred.

4.    You are a vehicle hire firm, have supplied the name and address of the hirer of the vehicle and the hirer has signed a statement accepting liability for any charges incurred during the period of hire.

5.    The Council alleges you were the hirer of the vehicle and responsible for the charge but this is not correct.

6.    At the time of the alleged bus lane contravention the vehicle was being kept by a vehicle trader.

7.    The Council alleges you are responsible for the charge because you were a vehicle trader and this is not correct.

8.    When the bus lane contravention occurred the vehicle had been taken without your consent.

9.    The charge is the wrong amount.

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