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Related projects

As outlined in the Final Business Case that was presented to Council in March 2019, there are a number of strategic projects going on in Edinburgh that the Trams to Newhaven project is closely aligned with. 

You can read more about these individual projects below.

  1. City Plan 2030 - details policies and plans for development in the city. 
  2. City Centre Transformation - details plans for the future of the city centre. 
  3. Low Emission Zones - working with the Scottish Government and four other Scottish cities to introduce Low Emission Zones. 
  4. City Mobility Plan - looking at how we move people and goods around the city in the most sustainable way. You can also read our City Mobility Plan FAQ's.   
  5. Edinburgh 2050 City Vision - how people want their city to be in the future.
  6. ALEO reform - recommendations for the reform of Edinburgh’s Transport Arm’s Length External Organisations (ALEOs).
  7. City Centre West to East Link - new direct cycle route connecting Roseburn to Leith Walk, through the city centre linking key transport interchanges, businesses, neighbourhoods and the existing off-road cycle network.
  8. Leith Connections – creating a safer and more comfortable environment for residents and visitors
  9. Low Emission Zone – working with the Scottish Government and four other Scottish cities to introduce low emission zones.

It is our aim to work closely with all developers along the route to coordinate where we can and to minimise disruption. Trams to Newhaven continues to work together with the following ongoing construction projects.

Forth Ports development

We are in ongoing discussions with Forth Ports and a group of developers who are likely to be on site around the same time as we will be constructing the tram line at this location.  This forms part of a wider stakeholder/developer engagement and coordination programme. 

Picardy Place Island Site

Internal and external engagement sessions were facilitated in August 2022 to discuss the project's goals, constraints, and provide an opportunity to raise issues that could be included or excluded from the project.

The parties involved included: City Centre Councillors, the Community Council, local resident groups, the Cockburn Association, Spokes, Living Streets, RNIB, Edinburgh Access Panel and various internal Transport and Planning representatives.

The feedback is being used to develop the draft design that was included as part of the engagement sessions. A “you said, we did” report was issued to the attendees, to inform them how their comments have been used in the design process. The latest draft design for the Picardy Place island site can be viewed here. The next stages are Detailed design and Procurement – October to December 2022 Construction – January 2023 to Spring 2023. The estimated cost for the delivery of this project is £2.7m, however, once the detailed designs are developed a more accurate cost estimate will be available.

Read the Transport and Environment Committee report.

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