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July is a good time of year to see butterflies, which by now are busy feeding on nectar, mating and breeding. Many common butterfly species can be seen all over Edinburgh 

  • peacock
  • orange-tip
  • large, small and green-veined white.

Some rarer ones can be seen in particular places

  • Small Pearl-Bordered Fritillary around Red Moss in the Pentland Hills Regional Park
  • Green Hairstreak also around Red Moss
  • Northern Brown Argus can be found in Holyrood Park

Butterflies can travel fast and far, so they are a good indicator of environmental quality.  For example in the last few years we have started seeing the Holly Blue around Edinburgh. It’s believed that warmer weather as a result of climate change has allowed this species to expand northwards.

Learn more about our butterflies and take part in butterfly surveys with Edinburgh’s two Ranger Services. Or take your interest to the next level by getting involved with Butterfly Conservation’s East Scotland Branch.

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