Flytipping is the illegal dumping of waste - from a bin bag of household rubbish to construction waste, left on public land such as a pavement, or on private ground such as gardens, stairwells or on other people's property.

Dispose of your waste in the correct way


We enforce the law on flytipping on public land but to do this we need proof, showing that the dumped items belong to the person that has put them there.  So if it is clear who dumped the item, this should be reported to the Environmental Wardens on the number below. They will look into this and take action against the person, where proof is found. If caught flytipping you could face a Fixed Penalty Notice of £200 or if taken to court a fine of up to £40,000 or imprisonment.

If it is not known who dumped the items, and it is not clear where it came from, phone to arrange for the item to be removed by street cleansing.

0131 608 1100

Flytipping on private land

If you own land where flytipping has occurred, it is up to you to clear away the items and dispose of the waste in the correct way.

Private land owners are advised to think about limiting vehicle access, where possible, to sites where flytipping occurs. Contact the Environmental Wardens for further advice.

0131 608 1100

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