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Additional Traffic Management Arrangements as of 22 February 2021

Weekly Traffic Management

Please find below a summary of additional traffic management arrangements to accommodate site investigations works and utility diversions outside the main area of works.

Traffic management arrangements for the main area of works are available to view and download.


Movement of Crossing Point - Leith Walk between London Road and Annandale Street

In order to progress with track works on Leith Walk the crossing point between London Road and Annandale Street will be moving further north on Wednesday 3 March.

Pilrig Street to Dalmeny Street - Footpath and Cycleway Adjustments 

There have been minor adjustments to the cycleway on Leith Walk between Pilrig Street and Dalmeny Street to accommodate the works. Pedestrians and cyclists will be diverted around the works using a suitable alternative route with diversions in place. Signage will be installed in the local area to let pedestrians and cyclists know about the diversion and the recommended route. 

Find out more information on the Leith Walk cycle lane adjustments. 

Road Closure – Springfield Street / Road Opening – Stead’s Place
Access and egress to Springfield Street from Leith Walk will be closed from Tuesday 26 January.  Traffic will be diverted via Stead’s Place which will be opened to facilitate the closure.
Download the Springfield Street / Stead's Place traffic management plan (PDF). 

Leith Walk at Jane Street - Footpath Alterations 

There will be further alterations to the footpath and cycle lane on Leith Walk at Jane Street to facilitate the gas diversion works from week commencing Monday 15 February for approximately 5 weeks.  These alterations are in place to maintain pedestrian and cycle access.  Please use caution on approach.

Download the Jane Street footpath alterations traffic management plan (PDF). 

Jane Street at Jane Street Industrial Estate - Temporary Road Closure - UPDATE

Due to the complex nature of the utility diversion works the duration of these works have been extended to mid-March 2021. We are also required to undertake further excavation works on Jane Street at the Junction with Leith Walk. 

These works will commence on Monday 18 January 2021. Parking will be restricted however pedestrian access and vehicle access to businesses will be maintained at all times.

Download the Jane Street temporary road closure traffic management plan (PDF)

Manderston Street – Temporary Road Closure

Manderston Street will be closed at its junction with Leith Walk to facilitate utility diversion works from Monday 18 January 2021 for approx. 7 weeks.  Localised diversions and parking restriction will be in place with pedestrian access being maintained at all times.

Download the Manderston Street traffic management drawing (PDF)

Leith Walk at Manderston Street - Footpath Closure

We will be closing the footpath on Leith Walk at Manderston Street on Thursday 4 March to accommodate gas works.  Pedestrian access to local businesses on Manderston Street will be maintained and controlled access from Mandertson Street to Leith Walk will be in place. Footpath diversions signage will also be in place.

Download the traffic management plan for footpath closure on Leith Walk at Manderston Street (PDF). 

Leith Walk – Traffic Lane

There will be adjustments to the traffic lane on Leith Walk at Manderston Street to accommodate utility diversion works.  This will be in place from Monday 18 January 2021 for approx. 7 weeks. 

Download the Manderston Street traffic management drawing (PDF)



FOTW – Coatfield Lane

Alternative footpath arrangements have been installed to accommodate works – pedestrian diversion signage is in place and access to properties will be maintained at all times.

Download the Stevedore Place traffic management plan (PDF). 

Published: 22nd February 2021