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Construction timelines

Full construction programme

Edinburgh trams route

The Trams to Newhaven Project’s latest construction programme update issued on 13 July 2022 confirms that the project continues to be on schedule for a spring 2023 open for service date and within the £207.3m agreed as part of the Final Business Case. The last construction programme update was issued in March 2022.

As the project enters the final year of major civil work ahead of testing and commissioning this winter, a review of the specific completion dates for remaining sections has been carried out. This has resulted in some changes affecting certain sections due to various unavoidable factors such as complex utilities diversions, archaeological finds and an industry wide shortage of materials, though this is not expected to affect the final completion date.

Dates for the individual sections are detailed below

Localised works will continue on carriage and footways to resolve defects, install equipment to support the new tram line including tram communication systems, tram stop fit outs, the installation of overhead line equipment, street lighting, landscaping, and traffic signalling.

Key statistics to date

  • Almost 3,900 metres of track slab laid, 84% of the total
  • Over 4,000 metres of communications ducting installed (87% of the total) serving the tram and future communication requirements in the area
  • Over 4,000 metres of drainage installed (89% of the total)
  • Main construction works completed on 3 out of the 8 new tram stops with works progressing well at the Balfour Street and Foot of the Walk stops
  • 74 OLE poles installed (35%)
  • Over 60,000 deliveries from the logistic hubs to local businesses
  • Almost 24,500 itison vouchers sold, generating over £240,000 potential spend in participating businesses on the route.
  • Over 180 applications to the business continuity fund
  • Over £175,000 spend on open for business campaigns


Section Estimated completion date (March 2022)

Estimated completion date of main construction works (July 2022)

Newhaven - Melrose Drive

Reinstatement works at the end of the line are taking longer than expected.

The size of the construction site will reduce over the coming months.

June 2022

October 2022

Melrose Drive


Autumn 2022

November 2022

Ocean Terminal

The public realm outside Ocean Terminal is largely completed.

The east side is taking longer due to complex utilities and the installation of drainage.

May 2022 October 2022

Ocean Terminal - Rennie's Isle


Main construction completed

Main construction completed

Rennie's Isle - Tower Place

The complexity of utilities as well as the discovery of further archaeology have resulted in a delay.

Autumn 2022

November 2022

Stevedore Place 


June 2022 August 2022

Casino Access Road


Autumn 2022

November 2022

Tower Street - Constitution Place 

Landscaping, including tree planting, to happen during planting season (Oct – March).

Main construction  completed

Main construction completed

Baltic Street - Tower Street

Landscaping, including tree planting, to happen during planting season (Oct – March).

Main construction completed Main construction completed

Tower Street attenuation pipes

The discovery of uncharted utilities has resulted in a delay.

May 2022 September 2022

Baltic Street -  Queen Charlotte Street 

Surfacing at Bernard / Baltic junction to be completed by end of July.

Bernard Street public realm: October 2022.

Main construction completed

Main construction completed


Queen Charlotte Street - Coatfield Lane 


Autumn 2022

November 2022

Coatfield Lane - Foot of the Walk (FoTW)

The narrowness of this section coupled with complexities associated with the reconstruction of the SLPC wall and installation of the overhead line equipment poles have impacted on programme.

June 2022

September 2022

Foot of the Walk - Crown Street


September 2022 November 2022

Crown Street - Manderston Street


July 2022 October 2022

Manderston Street - Pilrig Street 


July 2022 September 2022

Pilrig Street - London Road

All main construction works finished.

July 2022 July 2022

Elm Row

Works have been delayed as a result of utility conflicts in relation to the attenuation pipe works on Montgomery Street.

July 2022 November 2022

York Place - London Road

Autumn 2022

November 2022

Testing and Commissioning

Further details will be given in Autumn 2022.

  Winter 2022/23 – Spring 2023

Open for Service 


Spring 2023

Spring 2023