Privacy Notice

We gather and process information about you so that the services you request can be delivered effectively and efficiently.  This Privacy Notice informs you what to expect when we collect information about you.

The Data Protection Act, 1998, and other legislation, regulates how we use the personal information you provide.  Personal information are details about you such as your name and address, your bank details and any information about your circumstances that are necessary for the Council to deliver services to you.

When you provide your personal information you are giving your consent to us to use your information for the provision of services.  This Privacy Notice also describes situations when we will use your personal information when your consent is not required.

Sharing your information with other organisations

We will provide information about you to organisations such as the Department of Work and Pensions and other regulatory organisations if the services we provide to you require the Council to do this. 

We may also pass information about you to the police or other crime detection agencies if the personal information requested meets the criteria set out in the Data Protection Act, 1998, or other legislation.

To allow the Council to provide a high quality of service to you we may also ask your consent to share personal information with organisations such as NHS Lothian or agencies from the voluntary and charity sectors.  If you do not give your consent we will not pass personal information to these organisations unless there is a statutory duty to do so or if there is a duty of care placed on the Council to disclose information.

Data matching

We are required to ensure that we protect the money available for the provision of Council services.  We will use the personal information about you to help us to do this.  Data matching involves cross checking the personal information you provide to various Council service departments for accuracy.  

Examples of this are the payment of benefits and application for school enrolment.

We are required to provide personal information about service users to Audit Scotland for data matching purposes to assist in scrutiny of the provision of public services and for the prevention and detection of fraud.

Your information rights

You have the right to make a request to obtain a copy of the personal information that we hold about you.  You can also ask us to correct factual inaccuracies in your personal information. You can contact us for details about how to do this. 

0131 200 2340

Read further information about Subject Access Requests

Use of cookies

Read further information on use of cookies.

Links to other websites

This Privacy Notice only covers the City of Edinburgh Council website.  Links to other websites are not covered by this Privacy Notice.  If you visit other websites you should read the Privacy Notice covering the use of personal information published by the external organisation.  

We do not give any guarantees about the accuracy of the content or the security of any other website that you may access through a link contained on the Council website.  

Visitors to our website

Access to our website is either anonymous or as a registered user.  Visitors to the site that choose to remain anonymous will only have access to information and requests of a generic nature. Their personal details will not be recorded unless they choose to submit their data on an online form to make a service request. Visitors can choose to become registered users and, if signed in, submitted online forms will be recorded against their account.

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