Additional support for learning

Additional support needs

A child or young person is said to have additional support needs if they need more help with their education. 

Contact your school for information on accessing our additional support for learning services.

Download our policy and approach, In On The Act (PDF, 380 KB)

An additional support need comes from anything which is a barrier to learning. We have legal duties to help pupils with additional support needs.

Reasons for support

Children or young people may needadditional support for a number of reasons. Needs are identified on an individual basis.

Learners may need additional support if they are

  • living with parents who are abusing substances
  • on the child protection register
  • looked after or looked after and accommodated
  • pregnant or a young mum
  • young carers
  • deaf or visually impaired

or have

  • a disability
  • English as an additional language
  • social, emotional or behavioural needs.

Access support 

If your child is school age, their school will refer them to us.

If your child is pre-school age, the health visitor or a medical professional will refer them to us.

The professional will consult you before they make the referral. 

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