Apply for free school transport

We provide free transport to and from school for pupils if they are attending their catchment school and the distance of their main residence from school is over

  • two miles for primary school
  • three miles for secondary school.

We also provide transport if you live within these limits and your child has a medical condition that prevents them from walking to school.

We do not consider parents' income, health or circumstances.

If you have chosen to move your child to a non-catchment school or you move out of the catchment area, you are responsible for travel arrangements.

Return your application by email or post to the address below. 

Download school transport documents (DOCX and PDFs)


You must send in a new form for each school session. The forms for the next session will be available in March. You must send in your form by the end of June. Forms received after June may not be processed in time for the start of the new school term.

Your child can only use school transport between their main residence and school.


We work out the shortest safe walking route from your house to the nearest school entrance.

We only consider routes that are well lit and have pavements throughout.

We take advice from the police and qualified road safety practitioners in finding what is a safe walking route.

If you disagree with our measurement, you can request a map from us that will show you the safe walking route that we have measured. 

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